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Add Your Podcast Site URL

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Add Your Podcast Site URL and Improve Search Engine Placement of Your Podcast Site!


With all the podcasters out there, this page is a simple list of podcast site URLs. Also, see below on how to add your best podcast to a PodcampNYC community RSS feed to be distributed by the Long Island Podcast Network!

Crosslink to your Fellow Podcasters and Beat the Daunting Task of Search Engine Optimization


For those of you who are looking for better search engine placement on Google, Yahoo, and Alexa, we, as podcasters, should link to each other. For those of you who find search engine optimization a daunting task (and it truly is), you can rest assured that the most important, but easiest SEO strategy is having other similar web sites linking to you. Google considers this word-of-mouth advertising. Since we all have podcasting sites, our web sites are similar in nature. Having other similar sites linking to you is more important than meta tags on the SEO front.


Using this list

Besides using this list to get a feel for what other podcasters' sites look like, the real reason this list exists to give you more podcasts to link to. Just go ahead and link to others on this list. To keep from getting banned (blacklisted) on the major search engines, it is probably best not to use this as a link-for-all page, which will get you blacklisted for sure. A link-for-all page is basically where everyone links to the list and the list links back to you. The right way to use this list is to simply pick as many links as you'd like to have on your web site and link to them. You don't have to contact the web site owner, but doing so will most likely encourage them to link back to you or as we like to say in SEO talk, "crosslink". If we all have one-to-one links, then this will surely increase your search engine ranking without getting you blacklisted.


URLs (only sites relating to podcasting, please)

Note: See below this list for a section on adding your best enclosure to a community RSS Feed.


Long Island Podcast Network

The LD Podcast

Grasshopper New Media Parents Channel

Audio Expansion - The sound of new media

PodShackRadio - Production & Creatives Unite

Friday Night Dance Party

Both Sides Of The Surface

gardenfork.tv iTunes video podcast


Add Your Enclosure to be included on a PodcampNYC Community RSS Feed

This section is optional, but pretty innovative. If you have a podcast that you are really proud of, add it here. Before PodcampNYC starts in April, the Long Island Podcast Network will create a community RSS feed of your best shows which you are most proud of. Please add one per podcaster/podcast site.


Include the following information: 1. Title 2. Enclosure URL 3. Publish Date

Fresh Music Series - http://media.switchpod.com/users/lipodcast/fms19.mp3 - 11/26/2006

BSOTS 033 - podsafe picks for 2006 (pt. two) - http://media.libsyn.com/media/radiobsots/radiobsots0107a.mp3 - 01/14/2007

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